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What’s the Big Deal About Google’s First Page?

28 Mar
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Today, more than ever, Google runs the show when it comes to business on the internet. It crawls the web, making the final decision as to which pages are the best and most applicable for its users -for every single search word. We do not just trust Google’s results, we rely on them to make decisions throughout the day for many aspects of our lives. With such immense influence and power, getting your  business on the first page of Google might seem impossible, or just too difficult. It is actually this very power that Google retains, which makes it more possible than ever to reach the first page Googles results.

Even if you already believe that your business is capable of  ranking the top positions in Google, it may still seem just too out of reach. Also if you are still left wondering; What is the big deal about the first page of Google? What is all the hype? In this post we will speak about six advantages of raising your rank on search engine results pages to help you easily understand. If you are still questioning if SEO is really this important, or if we know what we’re talking about after reading this article, than take a look at this!


  1. New Customers Who Would Have Never Found You Otherwise

Being on the first page of Google is essential because it puts your business out there for the world to see. For instance, suppose you have an actual store front. If you had the option of either putting your business on the busiest street in town where everyone travels, or on a small side road that gets traveled just a few times a day, which one would you pick? The busy street of course! The simple reason being – the more people who see your business will result in more people talking and sharing about your business, and finally, the more customers you’ll have.

It’s no secret that Google gets 167 billion inquiries each month. This is the reason why getting on the first page of Google is similar to planting your business on the busiest street in town. A very large town!


    1. Make Yourself Visable

What if you needed to pick between the busiest street in a town loaded with just random people, or the busiest street of people that desperately need your services? You sure as hell would pick the town loaded with potential customers!

Increase Traffic

There is an astonishing number of people online today, which are utilizing the web for all kinds of buying choices. The truth is that over 81% of customers will search online before making a purchase. With surveys, maps, mark-ups, and portrayals, Google’s web index results page alone gives us plenty of data—before a client even taps on a result!

Whether someone lands on your site or not, being on the first page of Google is critical. It puts your business in front of thesimilar to having your business on the busiest road of a town filled with people searching for what you have to offer.


  1. Expands Traffic to Your Website

A search results page can sometimes supply you with everything your looking for, although most of the time you need to click on a listing to find what you really need.  People go on Google because they are either searching for an answer, searching to learn how to do something, or searching for a service that can do it for them. Google’s first page yields around 10 results, and given that 91% of visitors never search beyond the second page, it would seem like these 10 spots are more than sufficient.

Being on the first page of Google will not only improve your traffic flow more than you can imagine; but NOT being on the first page of Google results in an immense drawback. Truth be told, the first page of Google catches between 71%-92% of traffic! The second page is a long way from a nearby second: It drops to a mind blowing 6% of traffic. This just goes to show you exactly how imperative the first page of Google is.


  1. Increases Your Industry Expertise

If you do make it to the first page of Google it requires some expertise in areas like optimization and content. It takes time to accomplish everything that Google wants and even more time for Google to realize all that you have accomplished. It is important to understand that being on the first page of search results is well worth your work as well as the wait. Staying on top of the latest information in your industry is key. By putting out relevant content regularly it will help you to understand what your target audience needs to know. Showing up on Google’s first page is key because it builds a strong and growing base in which you and your business can strongly grow from.

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  1. Shows You Can Be Trusted

One of the most essential advantages of being on the first page of Google is that it says to the world that you can be trusted. First of all, Google is the king of the castle and a platform that is trusted and relied on by the world. When a business is on the first page of Google it lets the world know that you have Google’s OK. You can look at it like this, if people trust Google, and Google trusts you, then people will probably trust you also.

The trust that people have for the first page of Google is more about Google than it is about your business. This is because numerous people don’t understand how much time and effort goes into accomplishing this rank. We can all agree that YOU sure understand! So while people may not fully realize why it is that being on the first page of Google makes them trust you more, let me reassure you that the trust is justified.

Unlike 10 years ago, there are no alternate routes to enhancing your rank on Google. It’s hard, consistent work that requires precise and steady data that encourages a positive user experience that lives up to the expectations of those that use Google. Being on the first page of Google is essential because it lets the world know that you are focused and can provide trusted and lasting results.


  1. Raises The Level of Engagement 

In your efforts to get to Google’s first page where your listing will be spotted very quickly, an increase in content will increase your opportunities for engagement like through social networking and email. The more you can engage with your target audience, the greater you can strengthen your relationship with them. This will also allow you to fulfill what they need.

Getting on the first page of Google, or perhaps just improving your ranking, is really within reach. It requires time and work, but it’s one of the main things you can do for your business that gives you amazing results.


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