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Search Engine Optimization also referred to as SEO, has become an increasingly popular word for both small and big business owners.

DeStefano SEO Services will make your Danvers business found online more easily by potential customers searching for your services or products in and around Danvers Massachusetts. This results in your website showing up in Googles search results pages naturally (organically) and not through the use of Google Adwords also called pay per click. Over 85% of search traffic goes to organic rankings leaving less than 15% for Pay Per Click! That should help you realize why organic traffic is so much better than paid traffic.

To get your website indexed at the top Googles search engine requires several techniques. Starting off with keyword research, because the most important thing is to rank for the words that people are searching for. We dig into your industry and learn what your customers are actually searching for along with the number of people who are searching. Through this step new keywords are usually found that wern’t considered prior to doing this. We also determine where your website currently ranks for these search terms, this gives us a starting point as to what needs to be done. This process is done using montioring tools like google analytics.

The Perfect Recipe

After we learn which keywords to go after then it is time to plan a strategy. This involves researching your competition and learning what they are doing to rank if they are ranking higher.  DeStefano SEO DanversContent, optimization, Social Media and link building are all the key ingredients that rank a website. The part that many SEO’s get wrong is  how much of each ingredient is needed to create the perfect recipe. By using the best local SEO in Danvers we will make it easier for people in your area to find you and your business.

Good content is the next important piece when it comes to ranking a website. Without good content Google you will not rank you, period. I’m not saying you need award winning articles, but you must have content that is helpful to people searching for your keyword.

It’s also critical to have your keywords optimized within your content. But how do we create the best content for you, about your products or the services you provide? Hard work, research and more research. Gone are the days of easily ranking with thin, poorly written content.

The number of times a keyword is used is another vital ingredient. To much or to little and the recipe will fail, which will prevent Google from ranking your website. Google has made it clear that it will no longer rank anything that’s not worthy of ranking.

  Analytics & SEO

Once you have your website optimized, monitoring is the next crucial step that is often skipped . It’s important to monitor a website to see  what is working and what needs to be tweaked.

Danvers SEO services After getting people on your website you have to convert them into a lead, once that is done they will hopefully  spread the word or leave a review getting you more business.  This process is know as inbound marketing and it is radically changing the way for many businesses. All this can be monitored through analytics.

DeStefano SEO Has You Covered

DeStefano SEO will increase your online presence. This will lead to more traffic, more business and more customers. Let us show you what we’re good at, Making Businesses Better. Contact us today .