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Maximize Online Traffic Form - Boston SEO

SEO Strategy For Boston Area Business

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is extremely important when it comes to maximizing exposure online.

DeStefano SEO Services will make your Boston business easier to find by potential customers that are in search of your services or products. Ranking your website at the top of Googles search results pages organically and not using paid ads, known as pay per click ads, will provide your business with maximum exposure.

More than 85% of internet traffic comes from organic rankings. This leaves less than 15% coming from paid ads. This should help you to better understand why organic traffic is far more valuable than paid traffic.

To get your website ranking at the top Googles search results is no easy task, and requires several techniques. Keyword research is the starting point and a very important step to ranking. Reason being that people need to be searching for the words your ranking for, if they aren’t it’s useless.

Next, we take a close look inside your industry, learning what your customers are in search of and how many times they are searching each month. Once this is accomplished new keywords are usually found that wouldn’t be found otherwise.

Now we can determine where you site is ranking currently for these keywords, giving us a starting point for planning your ranking strategy.

Rest assure, by working with the best Boston SEO’s like DeStefano SEO Services you will see more traffic, more business and more revenue. Let us show you what we’re good at, Making Businesses BetterContact us today and experience the difference.

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